Solutions through Experience

Our solutions are at the heart of some of the world’s leading organisations. Central to the success of these solutions are informed people and robust and repeatable processes which are then enabled and sustained by smart intuitive and scalable technology. We understand what makes a great solution and our experience and expertise allows us to provide an unparalleled end-to-end support of your requirements.

Making the most of your investment

Naturally, organisations expect an early return on their investment which comes from a rapid realisation of benefits and value. Our flexible and iterative approach allows us to deploy solutions according the the pace and appetite of the organisation and ensuring service and support costs are proportionate to your original or ongoing technology investment.

What We Do

Management & Compliance Solutions

Policy Management

Providing the foundation of a any corporate management system. A policy management solution enables a comprehensive, centralised and consistent process for managing the lifecycle of organisational mandates such as polices and procedures. It also enables you to communicate policies, track acceptance, assess comprehension, and manage exceptions.

Risk Management

Risk Management enables organisations to deploy a systematic and methodical approach to identify, assess, decision, treat, and monitor risks to optimise the management of risk consistent with the organisation’s risk appetite. We can bring risk information together from disparate, siloed risk repositories and identify, assess, decision, treat and monitor risks from one solution. This integrated approach enables you to analyse multiple risks across organisational silos and provide actionable insights to help optimise the performance within a dynamically changing business climate.

Compliance Management

Many organisations introduce multiple compliance programmes as a reaction to the new and changing regulatory risk. By introducing and embedding an integrated control environment we can assist your organisation to achieve compliance by default. We work with you by defining strong control frameworks and solutions to link controls to regulatory requirements, provide centralised and visible testing regimes and associate remediation activities.

Enterprise Management

As another foundational element, effectively managing your operational structure and infrastructure will provide you with the business context to form your view of risks priorities and actions. By implementing a solution that captures and tracks information on your products, services, business processes, associated applications, devices and their interrelationships and interdependencies you will understand how to effectively support your business objectives.

Business Continuity Management

We can help you assess the criticality of your business processes and technologies, and develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans by building solutions to automate workflow for testing and approval. We will then design and manage a plan execution and communication in a crisis to minimise harm to your employees, customers, reputation, and operations.

Threat Management

We will aggregate critical information on current, new, and emerging threats to determine potential impact on IT environment for immediate remediation and ongoing security risk measurement. We will enable you to analyse and refine threat data, automatically notify responsible personnel, and proactively address threats before they impact your organisation.

Internal Audit & Control

Manage your audit lifecycle, enabling improved governance of audit-related activities, data, and processes without the limitations of manual or stand-alone approaches. Gain an aggregated view of your program, including planning, scheduling, risk-based prioritisation, staffing, management of audit procedures, and tracking of remediation efforts.

Incident Management

Enable the capture of events that may escalate into governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) incidents, evaluate incident criticality, and assign responders based on impact and regulations. Consolidate response procedures, manage investigations end to end, and report on trends, losses, recovery efforts, and related incidents. From detection through to analysis and resolution, Incident Management handles incidents anywhere you operate.

Vulnerability Management

Enable security teams to identify and prioritise high-risk threats. Proactively manage IT security risks by combining asset business context, actionable threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment results, and comprehensive workflows.

PCI Compliance

Jumpstart a PCI compliance programme by conducting continuous, automated assessments, and gaining visibility to manage and mitigate risk. Streamline the compliance process, automate assessments, and lower test costs with PCI Compliance.