“Simple solutions for a complex world”


Our consulting team provide deep and extensive experience in the GRC space, from advising on organisational and product road mapping to expert and certified technical configuration. These skills have been honed over many years providing our customers with the very best in class capability and experience.

Our experienced consultants are focused on solution delivery and are assigned to work closely with you to assist with identifying your business needs and goals. We seek to design, develop, and execute a complete solution to address your specific requirements. With our proven approach and track record to solution design, deployment, and system integration, you can be confident that we will find the right solutions for you.


If you need onsite assistance to solve complex issues, support small initiatives, build momentum, or just support training and awareness then we can provide resource at a duration agreed with you. This certified resource can work as part of internal teams to provide support on analysis, design, testing, deployment and training and liaise with other internal departments such as those looking after operations and infrastructure.

Project Management

All of our project managers have extensive professional experience, particularly in the IT security and GRC domains. They are experienced in dealing with stakeholders at every level and rely on essential communication skills.

Remote Support

An increasing number of clients wish to take advantage of our on-demand support of existing production solutions, with the nature of such requests including minor solution enhancements to keep pace with organisational and/or process change, managing user access and security, or fixes to solution and technology integrations.

We provide named support specialists to react and respond to your requirements when they arise ensuring a rapid turnaround to maximise solution agility, accuracy, and relevancy.


We provide installation services on behalf of solution providers to our customers to give you the peace of mind that installations are rapid, tested, verified in accordance with solution pre requisites, sizing, and configurations.

System Integration

We recognise that many organisations have significant investments in other technologies which hold important but disparate  data. Our expertise in integrating and aggregating data from these technologies has enabled our clients to centralise and display excellent dashboard style management information.

Typical integrations may include feeds from HR solutions, asset repositories, and active sensor technologies that protect, monitor and manage information networks and systems. We are proud to have implemented successful integrations such as Qualys, Deepsight, RSA Envision, RSA Security Analytics, PeopleSoft, Whitehat, and others.


We will work with you to provide a proof of concept solution that will meet all of your specific requirements including cost, functionality, and ability.